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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

My All Season Dress V8825

Sorry for the long absence........

The first part of the year was a month long visit to Philadelphia with a close friend for a stem cell transplant due to Multiple Myeloma. Am happy to say she is in remission!

Once I got back I was immediately offered a simple part time job, which took me awhile to get it, and the rest of my life into a rhythm.

Mostly though I haven't had my mojo to sew,


That was the sound that would come out my mouth when I passed my sewing machine.

Then one day while browsing I came across this lovely peace of fabric:

2way stretch ITY knit

Now this is what am talking about, this had to be turned into a dress, but not just any dress an All Season Dress!  Then it hit me V8825:

The model looks like she doesn't like the dress

But I do:


I do

If you take a closer look you will see I've made adjustments to the sleeves, oh where are my manners let me show you:

Right here

I would say the belt is another favorite detail of the dress:

There that's better

I even bought jewellery for it:

Accessories add just the right touch

Sometimes when you get into a sewing funk, the best thing you can do is find a piece of fabric for inspiration. And now that I have, am happy to say.....

I am back!

As always, take each day one stitch at a time!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

On the surface......

Over the years when I cut out my patterns, I have used various surfaces to do so.  From a dining room table, my bed, to the very floor, it was wherever I could find the space.

Many die hard sewers have a hobby table such as the one Joann's sales:

However this table has gotten mixed reviews, the one I noted most mentioned that it was not 'stable'. Not to mention on my budget even when its is half off at $75, its still more then I wanted to spend.

Then there is the kind of table my mother has, far more sturdy:

However, the weight of the table makes unfolding and setting it up a choir, especially when you are dealing with arthritic hands. 

Not to be out done, I came up with I think will be a cool alternative.

Seeing that I have been cutting on my bed as of late, it is almost waist high off the ground, making it easier for my stiff bones to get out of in the morning. Anyway...

I thought why not get a nice large piece of plywood to place over the bed. Taking a trip to Lowe's, I came across this nice 49x49 inch piece (roughly 1 1/2 yards for us sewers) here:

Taking the time to look over the endless options they had available I decided on this piece because it was a good size and light weight.  The weight being important, in that I wanted something that would not be difficult for me to lift and move when necessary.

The down side to the piece is that, although sanded, still has small splinters: 

Needless to say this would not work when it comes to my fabric, can you imagine the snags?

Yet don't despair we have a solution:

Peel and Stick lamanite paper, It's cost effective and easy to apply!

Now it's time to put everything together..... 

Until then, remember, one stitch at a time.