Thursday, September 15, 2016

Variations on a Theme M7160

When I first saw this pattern I liked the simplicity of the design. I reasoned it could be made several times and each dress would still remain unique.

M7160 in Green:

Because of the pattern in the fabric I tried to match the bodice in a manner that would be symmetrical.  As you can see in this pic:

The dress is very comfortable, wrinkle resistant, and has pockets! Cute and quick, what more could you ask?

 M7160 in Purple:

I look at this version of the dress as my "muslin", being that it was the first of the three dresses that I made. I am happy about the result and only made minor adjustments before making the other two versions.

M7160 in Yellow:

As you can see, the vibrancy of the fabric pattern, gives this dress a personality of its own. It can easily be accessoried into a "Sunday" dress or modestly worn on a weekday afternoon.


This pattern has very easily become one of my TNT's (tried n true). I will make more version whenever I come across fabric that I think will lend itself to the simple design.

Until next time, take life one stitch at a time....

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Easy Brezzy M7350

This dress is a part of a series of the knits I planed on making this summer. Two down, two more to make.


 I bought this fabric along with several other prints, including the print I used for V8825 .


I am sitting here trying to think of something witty and or informative, I've got nothing. So here is another pic:

My summer parasol 

Uh, no still nothing. Here is another pic:

Don't even have a quip for the pic

OK, this is becoming repetitive, one more pic and I'm done:

Seriously I'm done

As always, one stitch at a time.

Cool Summer Breeze Butterick 5603

 My goal this summer/fall is to sew up what patterns I do have, and I've decided to start with:


Here is a close up of the inner bodice:

Over the years I have tried many was to cut out my pattern pieces. Currently I am using a combination of pins (on the curves) and food cans to hold my pattern pieces in place.  

I also use the fabric piece to cut out the lining, making sure that they will be a equal match:

Bush's beans helping me hold it down :-)

I decided not to add the shoulder bow ties for now (maybe I will later). However what I did add was a back tie, which helps when my weight fluctuates from time to time:

back view 

In order to hem the dress, I decided to sew the skirt lining to the bottom of the skirt. Once attached, I turned the skirt lining inward and under stitched to finish the look:

A closer look at the finished hem after pressing

This technique gave the skirt a slightly fuller look, which is perfect for a dress of this style:

full front view 

and this:

TADA :-)

The dress was a simple sew, nothing out of the ordinary.  I did do a FBA and lowered the bodice so that it would be in better proportion for my body type. 

Depending on the fabric, say broadcloth or poplin, I can see it being a simple pull over your head and go sun dress: 

close up and side views

And as always here are my takeouts:

Ahhh/sick of taking pics

Well that's it for now, hopefully my other retro/vintage dress well be a 'breeze' to sew as well.  Until then one stitch at a time, one stitch at a time........

McCalls wrap dress sew a long reveal of Butterick 5030

Sorry I am a week late, to be honest I finshed a week early, however I had several events to attend, which set me behind.

Enough of that here is my finished look:

I made a few changes to the original dress, in the beginning I made view E which had a collar and long sleeves. After trying the dress on I wasn't feeling the collar, I think it was due to the fabric I used it didn't seem to lay the way I wanted. 

The other thing I noticed is how the dress looked when the facing remained outturned. The result was a slight high collar and a more modest (for me) neck line.

However, I had used every inch of my fabric so I didnt have enough to finish the facing, I decided to use an old technique my Godmother showed me from an old Vogue pattern using interfacing:

Sewing the knit interfacing to the dress facings as though it was fabric, I simply turned it over to the wrong aide,  pinned it down, and ironed it on as usual. The result is a nice finished edge:

The other change was making tie ends instead of using hooks and eyes. I thought this would be better, in that I could control how tight or loose the dress would fit. Also I felt it gave me more security from the dress opening:

and turn...

After working with the fabric I decided I will not be using the blue fabric for B6054. I feel the fabric would be slighñy to heavy for pleatings on the front of the skirt.

I will be using a cute ITY yellow and polka dot fabric in its place. Hopefully I will be finished with it to post next week:

Until then, have a chuckle at the silly out takes and I'll see you next time:

One stitch at a time............

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

My All Season Dress V8825

Sorry for the long absence........

The first part of the year was a month long visit to Philadelphia with a close friend for a stem cell transplant due to Multiple Myeloma. Am happy to say she is in remission!

Once I got back I was immediately offered a simple part time job, which took me awhile to get it, and the rest of my life into a rhythm.

Mostly though I haven't had my mojo to sew,


That was the sound that would come out my mouth when I passed my sewing machine.

Then one day while browsing I came across this lovely peace of fabric:

2way stretch ITY knit

Now this is what am talking about, this had to be turned into a dress, but not just any dress an All Season Dress!  Then it hit me V8825:

The model looks like she doesn't like the dress

But I do:


I do

If you take a closer look you will see I've made adjustments to the sleeves, oh where are my manners let me show you:

Right here

I would say the belt is another favorite detail of the dress:

There that's better

I even bought jewellery for it:

Accessories add just the right touch

Sometimes when you get into a sewing funk, the best thing you can do is find a piece of fabric for inspiration. And now that I have, am happy to say.....

I am back!

As always, take each day one stitch at a time!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

40's Old Style Swing , Butterick 6065

Greetings! I finally was able to bring this dress to life:

What I love about the dress is the pockets :-)

The process was simple enough, I simply made small dots where the pocket should lay and topstitched the pocket in place.

True this pattern came out in 1950, however the collar design came out 1947-48, so I thought I would get away with it for the party.

I decide to add an extra touch to the waist and collar, by adding some fabric I found from Joann's:

I used the edge of the sleeve pattern to make sure the addition would fit.

One of the things I would change is lowering the waist a tad more. Actually it is one of my normal adjustments, however it slipped my mine.

Even still I truely enjoy the dress and it's an easy sew for any advance beginner and a nice wardeobe builder.

Until next time, one stitch at a time.....