Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Cool Summer Breeze Butterick 5603

 My goal this summer/fall is to sew up what patterns I do have, and I've decided to start with:


Here is a close up of the inner bodice:

Over the years I have tried many was to cut out my pattern pieces. Currently I am using a combination of pins (on the curves) and food cans to hold my pattern pieces in place.  

I also use the fabric piece to cut out the lining, making sure that they will be a equal match:

Bush's beans helping me hold it down :-)

I decided not to add the shoulder bow ties for now (maybe I will later). However what I did add was a back tie, which helps when my weight fluctuates from time to time:

back view 

In order to hem the dress, I decided to sew the skirt lining to the bottom of the skirt. Once attached, I turned the skirt lining inward and under stitched to finish the look:

A closer look at the finished hem after pressing

This technique gave the skirt a slightly fuller look, which is perfect for a dress of this style:

full front view 

and this:

TADA :-)

The dress was a simple sew, nothing out of the ordinary.  I did do a FBA and lowered the bodice so that it would be in better proportion for my body type. 

Depending on the fabric, say broadcloth or poplin, I can see it being a simple pull over your head and go sun dress: 

close up and side views

And as always here are my takeouts:

Ahhh/sick of taking pics

Well that's it for now, hopefully my other retro/vintage dress well be a 'breeze' to sew as well.  Until then one stitch at a time, one stitch at a time........


  1. I like the v in the back of the dress, it makes a statement coming and going! What a great idea on hemming the skirt and lining, I MUST try that one! Beautiful dress, you look great in it!

  2. Thanks for sharing how you do certain things when you made this dress. I like the hemming idea and will have to try that one. Great fabric and the dress looks great on you! Perfect for summer.

    1. Thnaks, I think what you do to put the dress together is half the fun.

  3. I love this dress on you, and agree with Bonnie;I love the "V" in the back of the dress...

  4. I love this dress on you, and agree with Bonnie;I love the "V" in the back of the dress...

  5. Sewing the hem like that is really great. I will have to try it...maybe even with this pattern. I have had this pattern for eons and I think you have finally inspired me to sew it up.

    1. Thnak you, Hemming the dress is nmy least favorite thing, that's where the idea came from. Later I found they do the same technique on B6016 skirt.

  6. I am loving this dress. Where did you get the fabric from? I also love the way you hem this dress. I just start reading your blog.

    1. Thanks, I bought the fabric sometime ago from The hem idea came from an very old Vogue Pattern I worked with when I first started to sew, I can't remember which pattern thou LOL

  7. Lovely dress and fabric selection ... FIESTA ;)