Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Wrong Fold B5871

If you are new to sewing See & Sew from Butterick is a good starting point to learn the bascis of sewing.

Being an experienced sewer these patterns are normally a quick stress free sewing project.

I decided to make view A:

The pattern comes with 4 main pieces simple enough right? Well it would have been if I had followed the recommended fabric layout view:

Instead I did a traditional crosswise fold to the fabric and began cutting out the back pieces. This mistake left too little fabric to cut out the skirt front piece:

I didn't want this to become what sewers call a wadder, so I cut the skirt back piece on the fold once more to use it in place of the front skirt piece.

Front and back skirt pieces

Sorry to say it caused me to lose the pretty gathers in the skirt, yet and still it would end up being a wearable dress :-)

Here are my results:

Once I put the dress together I noticed that accross the back had a slight gap between the shoulders. I decided to place two small darts to each side of the back:

The dart could have been put in cleaner, however I simply wasn't concerned at the time. I was more focussed on the over all look of the dress, besides if you don't tell who will know? ;-)

In harmony with exposing my fabric cutting mistake, here are some of my picture out takes as well:

Pregnant?, full? And just plan goofy

So what mistakes have you made in your over confidence or lack of attention? Let me know in the comments below.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Better Then Advertised Vogue 8898

Have you ever sighed looking at a pattern because the photo of the dress didn't excite you? I call them 'passer's'.

 One such pattern for me was Vogue 8898:

However, one day while I was glancing over dress reviews on Pattern Review.com, I noticed a very cute dress. Clicking on the review, I was amused to learn its true identify, and I thought 'this is what I get for not looking closer at the line drawing below':

After reading the reviews I thought why not give it a try. I decided to use a pretty Fuchsia Rayon Lycra knit that I found at Joanna's on clearance for $3 a yard. I thoght 'If all else failed I can use the left over material to make a top'. 

Here are my results:

I must say I found that the pattern, style and fit made for a very comfortable wear, not to mention a flattering fit for my shape.

I will give a word of caution thou, the pattern runs large and I ended up sizing down two sizes. Outside of that the pattern is truely beginner friendly so much so I have no other insights to give.

For something that I passed over as a so-so pattern, I can happyly say this will go down as one of my favorites.

So what pattern have you passed over only to back track and take a second look?

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sheseams' Facebook Page

"What about your blog?" 

I do love my blog, and it will continue to use it for in-deep reviews of patterns or techniques that I have used in my sewing journey. And there is where the differences lye, with a blog, it takes time and forethought in order to present information in an insightful and informative way. Whereas with a Facebook page, I can simply share 'snippets' of information, flashes of inspiration that may run across my mind.

"Don't you have a personal Facebook page?"  

Yes I do, however one thing that irritates me about Facebook is when I get inundated with post after post of a particular subject that I may or more then likely have no interest.  I do not want to cause the same 'irritation' to others.  I am aware that some have an interest in my work as a seamstress, however am sure many could 'due without it'.  With a interest specific page, those that are interested can 'Like' the page and follow, others can be spared :-)

What you can expect

As I stated before, my post will be snippets of information, a sewing pattern that I have an interest, a quick pic of my sewing progress, etc. When new seasonal patterns are released, I would more then likely post 'oh this is nice' or 'hum maybe this one, what do you think?'

For example every year I attend Regional Assemblies, one of thing that I look forward to is the selecting of sewing patterns and fabric that I will use for the weekend wardrobe I wish to wear for the event.

Join the madness!

I remember when I was small and drew a picture at school, I wanted nothing more then to come home and place it on the refrigerator door, it brought me joy to share with others something I had created. This is no different, think of it as my cyber'refrigerator door' a place you can come and take a peak.  As a matter of fact, I would love for you to also post your creations/ideas as well. Hopefully this will become an enjoyable experience and a wholesome outlet for my self-expression.

Until next time I'll continue to keep my self together one stitch at a time.