Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Side Job

Sorry I haven't posted anything in a couple of weeks, it is due to having a sewing project I came across a week ago.

I was applying for a seamstress job at a local Laundromat, although they did not need help at the time one of the seamstress told of a place I could apply.  The place is a packing and sorting company that pays by the piece for ones to sew labels on clothing.  I thought "oh yes that would be nice."

The good

I was able to bring my work to my home and could decided how much I wanted to take on.  It is nice to be able to control your scheduled and pace, not to mention the comfort of home.   

The not so good

I have worked in a similar position before, however in that position, I did not have to also refold and pack the piece of clothing back into it package. In this position i have to not only sew on the labels I have to individual pack and unpack each piece of clothing.  Due to this the work I thought would take me but so much time has taken me twice as much time.  

The other that I thought would be good, taking my work home, is a double edge sword.  How could that be you say, well I have to pack and unpack 30 lbs boxes out of my car and carry them up in a elevator to my apt (which is on the 4th) floor.  To do this I have used a grocery store cart we keep in our apartment building, hey it works LOL.


I tell you all of this to let you know that I have not forgotten you, I have been however very busy trying to make some extra income.  How long will this last? So far its is temporary and should be over this week, however if they have more work I have to decided if I will take it on and how much of it I can modestly accomplish. These are the things that I am considering:

1.  Time it takes from my own personal sewing
2.  Other family and social obligations that I have
3. The demand I get from the company can you do "a few more boxes?"
4. The stress it puts on my aching shoulders (arthritis) from the repetitive folding of the garments.
5. Is the money worth it?  $10 an hour but it is a labor job, am a office worker by trade.
6. blah blah blah

So there it is my excuse for not updating my blog with a new and interesting sewing adventure.  I guess this could be considered one thou huh?  Hopefully I will have answered the above questions and I will share with you the answer in next weeks blog post.  Until then, I'll keep sewing away and lurking on Pattern Review, jealous I can't finish my cute little dress and post them to the Review Gallery too :-)