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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Self Expression, a style all our own.......................

We all have our own style a signature look, so much so, your best friend could quickly pick out what you would probably wear.

 "This is so such and such..."  or " I could easily see such and such in this..."  they would exclaim.

Then why is it when you have the ability to sew, often times others have an expectation that you should make something out of your ordinary?

"Didn't you sew something like that already?"  or  "You always use that color palette."

These are observations that may cause the sewer to question their choice in style, pressuring them to create something that is truly not who they are as a person.

However, before you state your opinion on the item made, look into your own closet.  Do you not see a common theme and/or silhouette? Styles you have learned, over time, that most falter your figure?

Simpy because someone can sew does not mean that all pattern designs will work well with the sewers body type.

You will probably never see me in pleats, I carry my weight in my midsection and greatly dislike how I look in them. I generally stay away from anything with a lot of details,  preferring clean simple lines, allowing the fabric I have chosen to be the star of the show.

Does that mean I am incapable of making such intricate garments?  By no means, I can be very detailed in my sewing, but should I have to prove my technical skills as a seamstress with every garment that I make?

My Style

The Wrap Dress:

Butterick's classic B5030 and a lovely wrap knit B6054

Without hesitation I would say the wrap dress is my signature piece. It is the most flattering silhouette on my body shape, garnering me the most compliments.

Favorite Designers:

Tom and Linda Platt V1435  &  Kay Unger V1183

Designers Kay Unger & Tom and Linda Platt fit well into my style profile. Both designers tend to have clean and simple lines, with just enough unique details to make a stand out garment of choice.

Retro & Vintage:

Butterick's Retro B6018 & Vogue's Vintage V8788

I've always enjoyed dresses of the 40's & 50's, they seem lend a sense of femininity and grace to the one wearing them.  These dress styles tend to be universally flattering on most, if not all body types, causing no one to feel left out of the trend.

Variety the spice of life:

Misses top B6685 & skirt B4686

With separates you have endless combinations, an easy way to quickly bring variety to your wardrobe. They are often quick and easy makes, a way to clean your pallet after a completing a more advanced pattern.

Ready to wear:

Although I enjoy sewing there are some things I will continue to buy ready to wear.  These would included pants, sweaters and under garments.  

Don't get me wrong, there may be a time that I will get the itch to make one of these items, if so I will be sure to blog about the experience.

Now it is your turn, let me know in the comments what is your style of choice and why?

Until next time.................

Friday, September 18, 2015

Fall Planning and Humble Pie

A few weeks back McCalls posted a blog about designer sewing, they also posted excellent work by Amanda did on Donna Karan V1440 Tunic.

In the comments I mentioned that it is hard for me to find designer patterns that flatter my plus size shape. This is true, especially with the Summer patterns, however I must make a retraction.

I have found several Fall patterns that are potentially flattering:

Anne Klien V1467;  Tom and Linda Pratt V1435
Ralph Rucci V1239; Designer joi M7245

I have material ready to go for Tom and Linda V1435 and Deigner Joi M7245, however I decide to cut out B6256

As you can see I have decided to use basic black, I have also decided to use a nice floral print for the lining, which I'll share with you once I complete the suit.

Then there is this cute number:

It was a gift from Sew Plus on a thrift store run :-) I have fabric for this too, however with the rapid weather change, am going to save it for Spring.

Well thats the update for now, and remember one stitch ar a time.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Vogue, Butterick, and McCall Fall Picks of 2015

Greetings, nice to chat with you again, as you can tell this post is all about upcoming patterns for this fall. So with no further adieu lets get started.


I have choosen three patterns for each collection that truly made me want to sit at the machine:

V 9123

The aspect of the dress that caught my eye were the sleeves, the classic silhouette is an also plus. My fabric choice, like the drawing, would be a nice floral print.


I've been wanting to join the 'color block' club for some time, however until now, nothing really caught my eye until this skirt. Would you be surprise to know I have never made a skirt?! Seriously, even though I have made several average to advance patterns, go figure.....

The Star

Anne Klein V1467

This pea coat is my 'Star Pick' out of the Vogue collection. The only hurdle in my way, is finding the perfect fabric, preferably a rustic orange........



This tunic would be nice paired with jeans (as shown) but also a nice skirt like the V9123 pictured above. I see this in a vibrant green or blue, then again why not one in each color?

Lisette Coat B6244

This to me is a perfect coat for fall, toss it on and out the door, simple style on the go. Now to find the right fabric, a classic crayola brown, the camel color pictured, or maybe a cool print?

The star:


Although my Godmother tends to be the queen of suits, I fluctuate on them. However, this two piece started my engine running the moment I saw the picture. I Am not sure if it is the on/off the shoulder combination or the exposed zipper. Either way, I am anxious to add it to my collection.



This top is a nice choice if simple blouse or sweater doesn't suit your needs. I can see this easily being used in a laid back or business casual setting.


This sweater dress is a fall/winter winner for me. It screams comfort without sacrificing style, especially on those occasion when only a dress will do.

The Star:

Designer Joi M7245

I need to make a correction!! When I first saw this pattern what caught my attention was the bodice. It my excitment I did not notice that it was actually a dress!!. This is even more exciting, seeing that dresses are my most favortie items to sew.

Well those are my fall picks, what are your favorites?

And as always, one stitch at a time.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Wedding prep

I have been invited to a wedding sometime in late June and although I had posted some summer dress ideas, I decide to go with something a little different.

Thumbing through my stash I found this cute number:


"Ah" I thought the Fashion Star collection! You remember the TV show with Jessica Simpson.  For my part I liked the show it was TV candy, a Project Runway without the back drama. 

Not to mention their pairing with McCall's Pattern Company, you could not only go out to buy what you saw, you could also make your own version of the TV selections.

A last the TV show is gone, but my pattern from it remains, so why not let something good come out of its short run.  My fabric choice:

I don't remember the name, however I call it my watermelon fabric, (for obvious reason :-).  Don't ask me how long I have had it, maybe 3 years. It's so easy to get caught up in new fabrics and ideas, like the knit phase I've been in for the last year.

Mmm doesn't it look yummy?!

Hopefully the dress will end up as delightful as the idea of eating it's fresh fruit version this summer.  

P.S. I haven't forgot B6054, I just have to push through the 'almost there' phase where you shrug your shoulders and say 'meh'. One way or another I'll post it for you :-)

Until then one stitch at a time.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

On the surface......

Over the years when I cut out my patterns, I have used various surfaces to do so.  From a dining room table, my bed, to the very floor, it was wherever I could find the space.

Many die hard sewers have a hobby table such as the one Joann's sales:

However this table has gotten mixed reviews, the one I noted most mentioned that it was not 'stable'. Not to mention on my budget even when its is half off at $75, its still more then I wanted to spend.

Then there is the kind of table my mother has, far more sturdy:

However, the weight of the table makes unfolding and setting it up a choir, especially when you are dealing with arthritic hands. 

Not to be out done, I came up with I think will be a cool alternative.

Seeing that I have been cutting on my bed as of late, it is almost waist high off the ground, making it easier for my stiff bones to get out of in the morning. Anyway...

I thought why not get a nice large piece of plywood to place over the bed. Taking a trip to Lowe's, I came across this nice 49x49 inch piece (roughly 1 1/2 yards for us sewers) here:

Taking the time to look over the endless options they had available I decided on this piece because it was a good size and light weight.  The weight being important, in that I wanted something that would not be difficult for me to lift and move when necessary.

The down side to the piece is that, although sanded, still has small splinters: 

Needless to say this would not work when it comes to my fabric, can you imagine the snags?

Yet don't despair we have a solution:

Peel and Stick lamanite paper, It's cost effective and easy to apply!

Now it's time to put everything together..... 

Until then, remember, one stitch at a time.


Monday, March 9, 2015

Why just one, why not two? McCall's sew-a-long

The last time we spoke I was telling you about the new McCalls sew-a-long, and I had not decided between which fabrics I wished to use.

After mulling it over I decide on.........................................


I will use this navy blue polyester/spandex stretch with a crepe weave with Butterick 6054:

I found this fabric at Joann's in their Red Tag section, the nice part is it was during a 50% off weekend making this most excellent fabric only $6 a yard.

A closer look

The fabric is a light to medium weight with an excellent drape, not to mention it is a two way stretch fabric that B6054 calls for as well.

Two way stretch?

It means the fabric not only stretches width wise, but length wise as well.

So what did I decide to do with the light Pink/Coral fabric? Why not use it to make one of my favorite wrap dress Butterick 5030:

Here's a closer look:

As you can see I've already started to cut out B5030.

 The nice thing about working with knits is that often times I don't have to make the same adjustments I do with woven fabric such as cotton, linen and the like. The spandex is very forgiving and I tend to like my knit dress with a negative ease.

Negative ease?

An example, your normal size is a 35, the finished garment size is a 34.

In my case simply using my normal size without alterations, and taking advantage of the stretch, does the trick.

Well that's it for now, I will update again when I begin to sew B5030, and hopefully I would have started to cut out  B6054 as well.

Until then, take it one stitch at a time.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Wrap Dress Sew-a-long

The McCall's Pattern Company has decided to do a Wrap Dress sew a long and I thought it was an excellent opportunity to get back into posting.

If you are interest in joining the sew-a-long, The McCall Pattern Company has several designs to choose from and you can find the pattern selections here on their Pinterest page:

McCall Pattern's The Wrap Dress

I have decided to make my entry  Butterick 6054:

I have two stretch crepe fabrics to choose from, one being a beautiful light coral and another a pretty deep blue/purple color.

I continue to go back and forward on which, I have just two yards of the blue fabric, which is the right amount I needed for the dress.  The coral fabric, however, I have three yards and am thinking maybe I should use this fabric with a pattern that will use all three yards. Waist not want not as they say :-)

Actually I was hesitant to make Butterick 6054 because it has a simular waist design to McCalls 6884 which I have already sewn:

The blog post of this project you can find here:

However, a girl can never go wrong with a dress that fits and flatters, am also hoping the shoulder design of Butterick 6054 is enough to make it stand on it's own.

Of course both of these patterns are made for knits but if working with knits makes you hesitate in joining the sew-a-long, know that there are other options to choose from. One of my favorites is Butterick's 5030:

It has various collar and sleeve options to choose from and is beginner friendly. 

Now if you are a more advanced sewer then maybe you would like to pick the Ralph Rucci dress Vogue number 1239:

Which ever you choose have fun with the project and if you like your work take a pic and post it here on McCall Pattern Company Fan Gallery Board on Pinterest:

You can also tag your work on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag:  #wrapdresssewalong.

Well that's it for now, next post I will up date you on which fabric I choose, until then, just remember to always to keep yourself together one stitch at a time.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Autumn Inspirations

Forgive my lack of attention to my blog, I've been real busy the past two weeks with starting a new job, due that fact I haven't had time to review a dress lately.  However, as I was sitting here unwinding after work, I began to think about possible Fall sewing projects when the thought comes to me 'why not share my musing?'.

So without further ado, here are my current 'want-to-sew' patterns for Fall 2014:

Butterick 5030:

Simple woven wrap pattern that I would like make with a tan/gold poplin fabric.  This would be a nice wardrobe building dress that could be easily dressed up/down depending on the occasion.

Vogue 8825:

I've posted about the dress before, this time however I think I have the right fabric and courage to make it.  Let's hope to my success.....................

Simplicity 2229:

Every year I like to add at least one new suit to my collection, this year I've focused my attention on this particular pattern.  My desire is to make it in black, that way I can wear an endless variety of blouse that will be well 'suited'.

Vogue 1404 The Ralph Rucci:

The neck line is not my first choice, however the attention to detail makes for a nice challenge and a skill building opportunity.

And last but not least B5966:

This coat has been a thorn in my flesh, why do you ask?  Because although I have cut it out and even wrote a post on how to line the fabric (different from lining), I've still yet to put it all together. Hopefully this will be the fall that I pull it together.

These are just a few of the things that I have sitting by the cutting table, if I plan well and pace myself I hope to review them all for you in the near future. Until then remember every stitch matters.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sheseams' Facebook Page

"What about your blog?" 

I do love my blog, and it will continue to use it for in-deep reviews of patterns or techniques that I have used in my sewing journey. And there is where the differences lye, with a blog, it takes time and forethought in order to present information in an insightful and informative way. Whereas with a Facebook page, I can simply share 'snippets' of information, flashes of inspiration that may run across my mind.

"Don't you have a personal Facebook page?"  

Yes I do, however one thing that irritates me about Facebook is when I get inundated with post after post of a particular subject that I may or more then likely have no interest.  I do not want to cause the same 'irritation' to others.  I am aware that some have an interest in my work as a seamstress, however am sure many could 'due without it'.  With a interest specific page, those that are interested can 'Like' the page and follow, others can be spared :-)

What you can expect

As I stated before, my post will be snippets of information, a sewing pattern that I have an interest, a quick pic of my sewing progress, etc. When new seasonal patterns are released, I would more then likely post 'oh this is nice' or 'hum maybe this one, what do you think?'

For example every year I attend Regional Assemblies, one of thing that I look forward to is the selecting of sewing patterns and fabric that I will use for the weekend wardrobe I wish to wear for the event.

Join the madness!

I remember when I was small and drew a picture at school, I wanted nothing more then to come home and place it on the refrigerator door, it brought me joy to share with others something I had created. This is no different, think of it as my cyber'refrigerator door' a place you can come and take a peak.  As a matter of fact, I would love for you to also post your creations/ideas as well. Hopefully this will become an enjoyable experience and a wholesome outlet for my self-expression.

Until next time I'll continue to keep my self together one stitch at a time.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Side Job

Sorry I haven't posted anything in a couple of weeks, it is due to having a sewing project I came across a week ago.

I was applying for a seamstress job at a local Laundromat, although they did not need help at the time one of the seamstress told of a place I could apply.  The place is a packing and sorting company that pays by the piece for ones to sew labels on clothing.  I thought "oh yes that would be nice."

The good

I was able to bring my work to my home and could decided how much I wanted to take on.  It is nice to be able to control your scheduled and pace, not to mention the comfort of home.   

The not so good

I have worked in a similar position before, however in that position, I did not have to also refold and pack the piece of clothing back into it package. In this position i have to not only sew on the labels I have to individual pack and unpack each piece of clothing.  Due to this the work I thought would take me but so much time has taken me twice as much time.  

The other that I thought would be good, taking my work home, is a double edge sword.  How could that be you say, well I have to pack and unpack 30 lbs boxes out of my car and carry them up in a elevator to my apt (which is on the 4th) floor.  To do this I have used a grocery store cart we keep in our apartment building, hey it works LOL.


I tell you all of this to let you know that I have not forgotten you, I have been however very busy trying to make some extra income.  How long will this last? So far its is temporary and should be over this week, however if they have more work I have to decided if I will take it on and how much of it I can modestly accomplish. These are the things that I am considering:

1.  Time it takes from my own personal sewing
2.  Other family and social obligations that I have
3. The demand I get from the company can you do "a few more boxes?"
4. The stress it puts on my aching shoulders (arthritis) from the repetitive folding of the garments.
5. Is the money worth it?  $10 an hour but it is a labor job, am a office worker by trade.
6. blah blah blah

So there it is my excuse for not updating my blog with a new and interesting sewing adventure.  I guess this could be considered one thou huh?  Hopefully I will have answered the above questions and I will share with you the answer in next weeks blog post.  Until then, I'll keep sewing away and lurking on Pattern Review, jealous I can't finish my cute little dress and post them to the Review Gallery too :-)

Monday, March 10, 2014

Follow through................................

I'll admit it, I need to learn follow through when it comes to completing sewing projects. What I love most about sewing is the details of patterns and making them come to life, once I feel I have accomplished this to my satisfaction I can quickly lose interest.

 Here is what I mean, I am currently working on this:


What drew me to the pattern were the collar and cuffs, now that I have successfully finished them:

 I find myself not completing the project, which I only need to sew in the above sleeve and hem the skirt.

This is not the first time I've done this, the same happen with this dress also


You may remember this dress from my current project preview to the right. Well, I've once again completed most of the dress, the things I left unfinished were the sleeve cuffs (add on) and to hem the skirt. 

 It hangs in my sewing closet mocking me every time I open the doors to use my machine. :-D

Right now am cutting out and altering 

Kay Unger V1369
Can you guess what drew me to the pattern?

Oh did I mention am also working on:

The design is not complected, it is working with knits that I find the challenge in this case.

Sew tell me, what hang ups (pun intended) do you have that you need to ad'dress' :-)