Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Autumn Inspirations

Forgive my lack of attention to my blog, I've been real busy the past two weeks with starting a new job, due that fact I haven't had time to review a dress lately.  However, as I was sitting here unwinding after work, I began to think about possible Fall sewing projects when the thought comes to me 'why not share my musing?'.

So without further ado, here are my current 'want-to-sew' patterns for Fall 2014:

Butterick 5030:

Simple woven wrap pattern that I would like make with a tan/gold poplin fabric.  This would be a nice wardrobe building dress that could be easily dressed up/down depending on the occasion.

Vogue 8825:

I've posted about the dress before, this time however I think I have the right fabric and courage to make it.  Let's hope to my success.....................

Simplicity 2229:

Every year I like to add at least one new suit to my collection, this year I've focused my attention on this particular pattern.  My desire is to make it in black, that way I can wear an endless variety of blouse that will be well 'suited'.

Vogue 1404 The Ralph Rucci:

The neck line is not my first choice, however the attention to detail makes for a nice challenge and a skill building opportunity.

And last but not least B5966:

This coat has been a thorn in my flesh, why do you ask?  Because although I have cut it out and even wrote a post on how to line the fabric (different from lining), I've still yet to put it all together. Hopefully this will be the fall that I pull it together.

These are just a few of the things that I have sitting by the cutting table, if I plan well and pace myself I hope to review them all for you in the near future. Until then remember every stitch matters.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Round Two Vogue 8633

Several years ago during my A line/Retro dress phase, I made the left version of Vogue 8633 in a linen material. Flash forward to the present, I found myself drawn to the pattern again. This time I would use the sheath version to the right.

With this updated version came several construction changes made to the collar. In the original version I followed the instructions below:

 and the result was:

Notice the well shaped edge of the outside collar and the darts in the inside lining.

However, remembering my love/hate relationship with the above process, I decided the side step making the darts in the lining this time around. 

Here's how:

After following the instructions, I used this fabric piece shown above, to cut out the lining piece. With the darts already sewn, it would give the lining fabric the same size and silhouette as the bodice material, without the need to sew the inner darts:

Also notice that the outside collar has a softer shape due to my eliminating the collar facings. I thought it was best to leave them out being that I wanted this dress to be more relaxed. Here are my finshed results below:



I really do enjoy both versions of the pattern. I should also note, unlike the full skirt dress, I eliminated the zipper making this a simple pull over dress. Iron, slide on, and go.

Well that's it, until next time remember nothing is ever as it seams.