Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Party Dress

Not to long ago I was invited to a Congratulatory Party for a good friend, I took the opportunity to make a dress pattern I had been eyeing for awhile.

This is the dress pattern:

And this was the result that I came up with:

Gold Crepe Back Satin

I found the fabric at Joann's in the formal section in the front of the store.  Choosing the Gold Crepe Back satin, I decided to take advantage of the double sided options of the material.  As you can see the bodice was used using the "right" side of the fabric called Satin, then I turned and cut out the body of the dress using the "wrong" side of the fabric called Crepe. Needless to say I was pleased with the results, so much so I decided to try and venture out and make a dress for my best bud for the same occasion.

This was the pattern:

And this was the result:

Black Crepe Back Satin (Bodice) with Floral Satin (Skirt)

We found the fabric from the Red Tag section at the fabric store, nothing like making a formal dress for only $30!   Being that she is a statuesque women we ended up using more the 5 yards of fabric to achieve the floor length gown that once had only been a dream of her's. 

She decided to go for first dress in the bottom of the picture without the ribbons on the selves. Using the crepe side of the material to make the bodice,  I choose to use the extra skirt material left over as lining, and to pin back part of the top, allowing the matching fabric to show. 

In the end I was very pleased,  it was the first time I had made a dress for someone other then myself.  With this dress under my belt I now had enough courage to make a Academic Induction Ceremony dress for my beloved niece Kayana.  What did I make? 


Well you will just  have to come back and find out :-)