Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Set backs and the up and comings

Recently I have experienced a set back when it comes to my health.  In particular my Psoriactic Arthritis in my hands, shoulders, and back.  The pain during the last month has been such that the thought of sewing had become distasteful.

I know right, that sounds profound coming from me, think about it, sewing is may relaxation, my joys.  Yet to understand why I would say something like that, you would have to know the amount of pain my condition can cause me.

My Hands: Imagine that you have fractured several fingers in your hands (yes that kind of pain), despite this you still have to use such hands day in and day out.  If you don't move or use them they can stiffen and become even more painful to use.

Yet while you use them, you at times flinch in pain from simply picking up your cell phone or holding your tablet. How about the time you had a plate full of food in your hand and suddenly they twitch from pain, causing you to drop said plate onto the kitchen floor.  Now think about the fact you have to use those same painfully fractured hands to clean up the broken plate and spilled food up off the floor.

My Shoulders: They can become almost excruciating to the point that cleaning, washing clothes, caring groceries, taking out the trash can become foreboding.  Simply washing and combing my hair had given me so much difficulty that I cut my hair to make thing a little easier. There have been times I have turned down invites because it was simply to painful to drive my car.

My Back:  It at times gives out on me, especially in the mornings, I have fallen more then once when it happens.  One day I laid in the floor not able to move for almost two hours. I finally crawled and pulled my self up on my bed. I am not a shamed to say, that I cried the rest of the day.

My Organs: Several of them have failed at one point or another, my heart, kidney's and my eyes. Now, due to my biologic s. they have become stable and have not given me any more trouble.  Still the thought....

So yesterday I was changed to a new med, this one is suppose to be better for me then the last.  Down side is I have to go into a transfusion clinic to receive it:

The process takes about 2 1/2 hours, the nice thing is they have wi-fi, and I could check all of my favorite sewing blogs and sites. Look up fabric and make an outline of what I want to sew for the coming spring and summer months.

This is what I came up with while in my lounger yesterday :-)

McCalls 7081

Sweet and girly, I think this would be nice made in a check fabric, maybe a poplin or lawn type cotton.

Butterick 6016

A classic feminine look, this can look either contemporary or retro depending on the fabric chosen to make it with. A nice floral, striped, or polka dot fabric would put it in the era am thinking about.

Vogue 8788

Fresh and lovely, this dress would look good in any cotton fabric that you would chose. Actually it wouldn't be a bad idea to make it twice, one in a bright solid and the other in a pretty print.

In the mean time I will continue to work on B6054 to the right. Actually I did some sewing on it today, the first time in two weeks, and it was enjoyable.  If my pain stays at this lower level, I should be done with it by this weekend and can review it for your next Tuesday.

So now you know why my sewing is so important to me, it's a form of physical and emotionally therapy.  It is a way I can see beautiful things come out of my broken and painful body.  

It is after all, one of the ways I keep my self together one stitch at a time.........