Monday, April 27, 2020

Sasha Girl, McCall's 8036

Ah Sasha girl.......

Being a wrap dress was right up my alley, although it has a button down option, I choose to make view A's bodice with view B's skirt:

View A s bodice w/ view B skirt

The fabric I choose was a Scuba Ponte Knit fabric I found on eBay. The fabric has a smooth feel like neoprene with the comfort of classic Ponte Knit:

Scuba Ponte Knit

I did enjoy working with the fabric, it sews easily with few hiccups.  The one thing that I will say,  if you are not careful you can cause "nicks" in the fabric. Make sure to be careful with your seam ripper and pin placement.

The dress is very comfortable to wear and I think it will be a nice three season dress:

Why am I holding my stomach?

Pattern Size;  I used a size 20 with a FBA, broad back, and waist adjustments.

Did it look like the photo?: Yes I think it looks like the photo, but then again each person is unique :-)

Were the directions easy to follow?: Very much so, I think a beginner will be able to make the pattern if they take their time.  Make sure to look closely at the illustrations and you should be fine.

Likes and dislikes: No dislikes, what can you find wrong with a wrap dress? LOL

My personal note: If you notice on each of the pictures, my back collar on my dress seems to come up from my body.  Since losing around 50 lbs, I have had a difficult time finding a good way to adjust my patterns.

I have researched several methods, however I believe that it is not the methods I have tried. I think it is not being sure "what" adjustments I need make with the weight change. Regardless, I will continue in my sewing journey and will keep you up to date with my progress,

Will I sew it again?: Of course, its a wrap dress! ;-)

Until next time, take life one stitch at a time. Oh and if you have any adjustment suggestions, leave them in the comments below,

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Monday, February 10, 2020

What's in a name? McCall's New Pre-Spring Collection!

This year McCall's has updated their look and feel for a new generation:

The new pattern covers

Not only have they made changes to the look and feel, the patterns have been given names!

Check out Jacqueline Polikoff's Instagram for more details @jackiemccallpatterns

To be clear Indie sewing brands have been naming their patterns for some time, and perhaps McCall's wants to be seen as keeping up with the times.  Many have respond favorably to the new names, why not, giving something a name can lend personalty to an object.

However, some have noted that all clothing styles repeat and what happens when the patterns are recycled? Does the "new"  updated dress get a new name?

There are endless ways to come up with names.  You could take the few letters of the top portion of one garment say 'Mara', and a few letters from the bottom portion of another garment say 'Sasha'.

 Not only would a new dress be formed, but a new name to go along with the pattern:

The top of 'Mara', with the bottom of 'Sasha' = Marsha

The other point that could be made is that of stereotypes.  To be honest when you hear a name do you not instantly form an opinion as to who the person, place or thing might be like?  Names often carry reputations along with them. 

Does it mean that naming the patterns will cause the same issues as mentioned above? Not necessarily, it could be seen as a sign of inclusiveness, as a way to market to a particular group. 

 Not only do we have the Mara's and Sasha's...........

We also have the Alexis' and Abbie's too!

As long as McCall's is careful to get well rounded, i.e. diverse feed back before selecting a pattern name, they should do just fine.

I am looking forward to the new names, it gives a nice touch to the patterns. The wrap dress 'Sasha' has my name written all over it!

So what is in a name?  That all depends. One thing is for sure, once given,  a name will forever shape how something is viewed......

Tell me what you think about the new names in the comment section below.

Until next time,