Monday, March 10, 2014

Follow through................................

I'll admit it, I need to learn follow through when it comes to completing sewing projects. What I love most about sewing is the details of patterns and making them come to life, once I feel I have accomplished this to my satisfaction I can quickly lose interest.

 Here is what I mean, I am currently working on this:


What drew me to the pattern were the collar and cuffs, now that I have successfully finished them:

 I find myself not completing the project, which I only need to sew in the above sleeve and hem the skirt.

This is not the first time I've done this, the same happen with this dress also


You may remember this dress from my current project preview to the right. Well, I've once again completed most of the dress, the things I left unfinished were the sleeve cuffs (add on) and to hem the skirt. 

 It hangs in my sewing closet mocking me every time I open the doors to use my machine. :-D

Right now am cutting out and altering 

Kay Unger V1369
Can you guess what drew me to the pattern?

Oh did I mention am also working on:

The design is not complected, it is working with knits that I find the challenge in this case.

Sew tell me, what hang ups (pun intended) do you have that you need to ad'dress' :-)  


  1. You'll really like V1369. I want to make it again by using the lining pieces for the back.

    1. LOL that was actually my plan to use the lining piece for the actual back. I have broad shoulders and thought the gathers in the back would be too much :-)