Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Underneath the surface.....................

Now that Spring has sprung I have decided to take on two new adventure, one of which is to make several dresses with knit fabric and the other is to make:


When I first saw the pattern, I immediately thought it would be a cute all weather coat to transition into warmer. This is the fabric that I choose:

A bottom weight from Joann's

Although I really like the fabric, it was still a little light weight for a coat.  That's when my Aunt suggested that I underline the back pieces. 

Excellent idea! I've done it once before, why not apply the technique here?  But why underline, you ask?

1.  To make a sheer fabric more opaque...

For example, my first time using underling I used a simple blue cotton fabric to underline a beautiful Georgette print: 


2.  To give weight and substance to the fabric without adding bulk. 

This would be perfect in the case of the coat, the front pieces are already self lined and interfaced giving them body.  Adding underling to the back pieces, will round out the coat and give it substance.

Going back to Joann's, I bought simple 44" muslin fabric to use as my underling

I made sure I preshrunk the fabric by washing and placing it in the drier, before I cut out the three back pieces of the coat:

Cutting out....

This was my finished result:

Now that I have everything prepared I've started to the process of putting the coat together.  In an upcoming blog, I will show some of the alterations I had to make to the coat and hopefully the finished product.  

In the mean time, if you want to get a more detailed instruction on how to underline garments, Pattern Review has a class on how to do just that called:

Until next Tuesday, remember things are always better then what they seam :-)

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