Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Buttrick 6018

I finally fished it!  If you read my blog regularly you will know I spoke about procrastination and how hard it was for me to push through and make this particular dress.  However I wanted to wear it for a special event this past weekend and decided to give myself one last push.  This was the result:

Butterick 6018

Over all I do like the dress, the main thing that drew me to it where the collar and sleeves:

If you notice my sleeve does not stand as up right as the photo, I think this is due to not using a stiff enough interfacing for the cuffs.  Although I did use the interfacing recommended,  I had to tack the sleeves in place so that they would not droop downward as I moved my arms:

Here is a view of the side:

From the side,  you will see the pattern is design so that the front waist sits higher then the back. giving the look of an empire waist in front yet a mid waist dress from behind. 

Had I notice this feature I would have been a little more hesitant to make it, seeing this look does not necessarily flatter my particular body shape. Don't get me wrong I will continue to wear it ;-)

I also I noticed it shows the difference in weight by a little as 5 lbs.  Losing just that much weight caused the dress to look unfitted on my frame. See below:

 5 lbs before


after the 5lbs loss

My overall impression of Butterick 6018 is:

1.  Easy sew for Intermediate sewers, if you are an Advanced Beginner just take your time and follow the steps you should be fine.

2.  If your waist is your tricky spot I would make a muslin first to see any adjustments you may have to make.

3.  Use a coat weight interfacing for the sleeves, or interface all 8 of the cuff pieces with dress weight interfacing (instead of just 4) to give the sleeves a stiffer appearance.

4.  Think of adding side ties if you find it hard to get the waist just right.


So let me know what you think, and if you have any suggestions for the sleeves and or waist put them in the comment section below.


  1. Wow, you did an awesome job! I absolutely love that pattern on you. Arms are very unique! You did a great job, are you looking to continue making dresses. Would be a great profession!

  2. Sorry--I think I commented in the wrong place. I've never seen a set-up like this at Blogger.

    My comments were that I thought the dress was a good selection for your body. It looks good on you.

    The only suggestion I can make for the cuffs is to try spray starch which should stiffen them.

  3. Oh just an idea I was thinking for the cuffs mabe you can underlay a hard flexible plastic that is heat resistance so in can still be ironed. Flexible enough that it wont bother you. ..?

  4. @glorm thanks for the suggestion my Aunt mentioned the spray starch but I forgot to spray them lol @Rosario Thanks!

  5. I'm about to make this pattern and read your review on patterreview.com, which led me here. Great tips! Beautiful dress!