Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Vogue 1250

I am at my laptop trying to think of a good introduction for my review of Vogue 1250:

Vogue 1250

I mean, what new insight could I bring to a dress that has been a fan favorite on Pattern Review for sometime?  

Could I talk about the simple yet flattering design, could I mention how few pieces are used, oh I know maybe how few alterations I needed to make in-order to get a good fit? 

Once thing is true, this is a very good dress if your are just starting with knit fabric, actually this is the first dress I made using a knit. Oh did I mention the fabric..... that's it Ill talk about the fabric.

Ah the fabric:

Reminds me of Ladybugs! :)

The fabric was a gift from my best friend who purchased it when we went shopping at Mood Fabrics during one of our NY trips.  

The first time I saw it, I caught my self saying OOH out loud, then I vaguely heard myself mumbling softly, 'wow, nice, wonderful, pretty,' as I petted the material affectionately.

Seeing how beautiful I thought the fabric was, and it being a gift from my BFF, I was paranoid not to make a mistake.  I needed and wanted something goof proof LOL.  That's when I decided to turn what you see above into:

DKNY's V1250

As it has been stated in other PR review's, the dress is very flattering to most body types:

So that's it, my first love affair with a knit fabric, a review I should have done sooner, none the less my secret is out now.

shhh, between you and me, me like :)

Keeping myself together one stitch at a time..........

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