Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Blog updates!


Today's post will be about up dates to my blog and how you can get the most out of what you read.

Blog post
(broken down into 3 categories)


These post will talk about  new ideas, neat finds, and how sewing  helps me to learn more about myself.


These will often be about a current project that I am sewing, the good, bad, and silly mistakes I have made along the way.


These are in depth explanation of reviews I have made on Pattern Review. com

Side Bar!


This section is where I will put brief messages, i.e. what to expect in the next blog post.

Welcome/About Me:  

Just that!

At the Machine:  

This will be my current project often times being the subject of a 'Preview' post.

Material Being used: 

Shown to spark your curiosity and anticipation

Next up!:  

What I am thinking about making after my current project, I've already taken it out of the envelope and altered the pattern. Now just deciding what fabric choice to make.........

Down the Road!: 

This pic my change from week to week depending on my mood and what direction I wish to take with my sewing. It could be a current pattern I have or one I wish to purchase.

Blog Archive/ Labels:

This section will be broken down by month, listing each post in order that it was published. Look here to easily fine older reviews or misc post you may have missed or would like to review again.

In conclusion 

Hopefully you will find the new updates enjoyable. So grab a cup of coffee, and take a few minutes to share in my adventures, as I keep myself together one stitch at a time.

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