Tuesday, April 15, 2014

McCalls 6884

I did it, I finally tackled a knit dress. My project was:

McCalls 6884

I was drawn to this pattern because of a $6 dress that I bought from Cato's awhile back.  Once I wore the knit dress I knew I wanted several more in my collection.  The nice thing about wrap knit dress, not only are they comfortable, with the right accessories, they can become nice semi-formal attire.

Mustering up my courage I gathered my supplies:

Sewing essential for knit fabrics

And selected the an appropriate setting for my sewing machine:

zig zag #4 and 2.5 stitch length

I also choose to use a over stitch foot and I must say, that I like the results using it has given me thus far,


The fabric I used was an ITY that I picked up from Fabric.com, it has a very smooth hand and a wonderful drape.  However, one of the things that I've had to adjust to was the handling of it while I was sewing. 

Although ITY it is often thin in texture I find it weighty when draping from the sewing machine, causing me to develop new technique on how to handle and control the fabric.

With all of that being said this is my result:

My McCalls 6884 :-)

As you can see from the picture I removed the tie ends. No reason, just like the dress better this way :-)

So let me know what do you think, and if any of your seamstress out there have sewing knit tips for me feel free to leave them down in the comment section below.