Friday, September 18, 2015

Fall Planning and Humble Pie

A few weeks back McCalls posted a blog about designer sewing, they also posted excellent work by Amanda did on Donna Karan V1440 Tunic.

In the comments I mentioned that it is hard for me to find designer patterns that flatter my plus size shape. This is true, especially with the Summer patterns, however I must make a retraction.

I have found several Fall patterns that are potentially flattering:

Anne Klien V1467;  Tom and Linda Pratt V1435
Ralph Rucci V1239; Designer joi M7245

I have material ready to go for Tom and Linda V1435 and Deigner Joi M7245, however I decide to cut out B6256

As you can see I have decided to use basic black, I have also decided to use a nice floral print for the lining, which I'll share with you once I complete the suit.

Then there is this cute number:

It was a gift from Sew Plus on a thrift store run :-) I have fabric for this too, however with the rapid weather change, am going to save it for Spring.

Well thats the update for now, and remember one stitch ar a time.


  1. How exciting, I can't wait to see your finished suit.

  2. I love the Tom and Linda Platt pattern. The back is just gorgeous. I look forward to seeing your creation.

  3. Ooo...I have this pattern. I'm looking forward to seeing yours.

  4. These are all great patterns! I challenge you to think outside of the pattern to customize it to the most flattering style for your body. I "frankenpattern" garments all of the time to get the most flattering look for myself! The easy way to start is to look for pictures or in your closet for items you really like and mix and max patterns to get those same elements!

    1. Thanks for the advice, I have already altered the Vogue Pea Coat once I finish I will put up a blog post. I already made plans to make a dress change to Tom and Linda Pratt"s Pattern (V 1435). Hopefully you will get a chance to see what i came/come up with. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog :-)