Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sheseams' Facebook Page

"What about your blog?" 

I do love my blog, and it will continue to use it for in-deep reviews of patterns or techniques that I have used in my sewing journey. And there is where the differences lye, with a blog, it takes time and forethought in order to present information in an insightful and informative way. Whereas with a Facebook page, I can simply share 'snippets' of information, flashes of inspiration that may run across my mind.

"Don't you have a personal Facebook page?"  

Yes I do, however one thing that irritates me about Facebook is when I get inundated with post after post of a particular subject that I may or more then likely have no interest.  I do not want to cause the same 'irritation' to others.  I am aware that some have an interest in my work as a seamstress, however am sure many could 'due without it'.  With a interest specific page, those that are interested can 'Like' the page and follow, others can be spared :-)

What you can expect

As I stated before, my post will be snippets of information, a sewing pattern that I have an interest, a quick pic of my sewing progress, etc. When new seasonal patterns are released, I would more then likely post 'oh this is nice' or 'hum maybe this one, what do you think?'

For example every year I attend Regional Assemblies, one of thing that I look forward to is the selecting of sewing patterns and fabric that I will use for the weekend wardrobe I wish to wear for the event.

Join the madness!

I remember when I was small and drew a picture at school, I wanted nothing more then to come home and place it on the refrigerator door, it brought me joy to share with others something I had created. This is no different, think of it as my cyber'refrigerator door' a place you can come and take a peak.  As a matter of fact, I would love for you to also post your creations/ideas as well. Hopefully this will become an enjoyable experience and a wholesome outlet for my self-expression.

Until next time I'll continue to keep my self together one stitch at a time.

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