Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Wrong Fold B5871

If you are new to sewing See & Sew from Butterick is a good starting point to learn the bascis of sewing.

Being an experienced sewer these patterns are normally a quick stress free sewing project.

I decided to make view A:

The pattern comes with 4 main pieces simple enough right? Well it would have been if I had followed the recommended fabric layout view:

Instead I did a traditional crosswise fold to the fabric and began cutting out the back pieces. This mistake left too little fabric to cut out the skirt front piece:

I didn't want this to become what sewers call a wadder, so I cut the skirt back piece on the fold once more to use it in place of the front skirt piece.

Front and back skirt pieces

Sorry to say it caused me to lose the pretty gathers in the skirt, yet and still it would end up being a wearable dress :-)

Here are my results:

Once I put the dress together I noticed that accross the back had a slight gap between the shoulders. I decided to place two small darts to each side of the back:

The dart could have been put in cleaner, however I simply wasn't concerned at the time. I was more focussed on the over all look of the dress, besides if you don't tell who will know? ;-)

In harmony with exposing my fabric cutting mistake, here are some of my picture out takes as well:

Pregnant?, full? And just plan goofy

So what mistakes have you made in your over confidence or lack of attention? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. I've made this several times but didn't recognize your version. I used elastic in the waist but after seeing yours I think there's a version in my future just like your. Love it. It fits you well and the color is great!

  2. Well your mistake turned out to be a good thing because you look beautiful in this dress. Gorgeous color too!

  3. @knitmachinequeen Actually this does have elastic in it, but I think it really depends on what type of fabric you use. The double knit I used has very little give and I only have maybe 3/4 inch of ease in the dress. @Tomasa, thanks!