Thursday, July 18, 2019

Self Expression, a style all our own.......................

We all have our own style a signature look, so much so, your best friend could quickly pick out what you would probably wear.

 "This is so such and such..."  or " I could easily see such and such in this..."  they would exclaim.

Then why is it when you have the ability to sew, often times others have an expectation that you should make something out of your ordinary?

"Didn't you sew something like that already?"  or  "You always use that color palette."

These are observations that may cause the sewer to question their choice in style, pressuring them to create something that is truly not who they are as a person.

However, before you state your opinion on the item made, look into your own closet.  Do you not see a common theme and/or silhouette? Styles you have learned, over time, that most falter your figure?

Simpy because someone can sew does not mean that all pattern designs will work well with the sewers body type.

You will probably never see me in pleats, I carry my weight in my midsection and greatly dislike how I look in them. I generally stay away from anything with a lot of details,  preferring clean simple lines, allowing the fabric I have chosen to be the star of the show.

Does that mean I am incapable of making such intricate garments?  By no means, I can be very detailed in my sewing, but should I have to prove my technical skills as a seamstress with every garment that I make?

My Style

The Wrap Dress:

Butterick's classic B5030 and a lovely wrap knit B6054

Without hesitation I would say the wrap dress is my signature piece. It is the most flattering silhouette on my body shape, garnering me the most compliments.

Favorite Designers:

Tom and Linda Platt V1435  &  Kay Unger V1183

Designers Kay Unger & Tom and Linda Platt fit well into my style profile. Both designers tend to have clean and simple lines, with just enough unique details to make a stand out garment of choice.

Retro & Vintage:

Butterick's Retro B6018 & Vogue's Vintage V8788

I've always enjoyed dresses of the 40's & 50's, they seem lend a sense of femininity and grace to the one wearing them.  These dress styles tend to be universally flattering on most, if not all body types, causing no one to feel left out of the trend.

Variety the spice of life:

Misses top B6685 & skirt B4686

With separates you have endless combinations, an easy way to quickly bring variety to your wardrobe. They are often quick and easy makes, a way to clean your pallet after a completing a more advanced pattern.

Ready to wear:

Although I enjoy sewing there are some things I will continue to buy ready to wear.  These would included pants, sweaters and under garments.  

Don't get me wrong, there may be a time that I will get the itch to make one of these items, if so I will be sure to blog about the experience.

Now it is your turn, let me know in the comments what is your style of choice and why?

Until next time.................


  1. Great article! During the last year I have come to realize that I should continue to sew the shape that looks best on my shape. I've experimented with different silhouettes just because I thought I 'should'. These trend garments were fun to make but sat in my closet. I had to ask myself why did I feel the need to make these unflattering shapes. After this realization I am now happy to sew my TNT patterns that suit my shape. As a sewist I can vary their 'look' with fabric and details. My appropriate styles are semi-fitted tops and along with semi-fitted princess seam jackets. I purchase RTW pants, knit tops, and underwear. Thanks for sharing this timely post. Karen

    1. I am glad you liked the article. I agree with you, simply changing the type of fabric, can give new life to the same dress pattern.

  2. Very thought provoking blog! I agree with you 100% that not all designs look good on all figure types. I can be fun to try something new, but when you put a lot of effort & time into a garment and it just isn't for you it can be a sewing mojo killer. Love my TNT patterns that I can hack. I love seeing more curvy women show their styles to help inspire me. I'm now going to look at the Butterick 5030 wrap dress again. Again, GREAT post!

    1. Thanks Bonnie, I love TNT patterns also. I do like to try something new every now and again, but like you said if you don't like the design on you it can slow your roll when it comes to sewing and make it less satisfying. And yes, check out B5030 it's one of those patterns with different fabric types, seems like a new dress each time.

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