Monday, March 9, 2015

Why just one, why not two? McCall's sew-a-long

The last time we spoke I was telling you about the new McCalls sew-a-long, and I had not decided between which fabrics I wished to use.

After mulling it over I decide on.........................................


I will use this navy blue polyester/spandex stretch with a crepe weave with Butterick 6054:

I found this fabric at Joann's in their Red Tag section, the nice part is it was during a 50% off weekend making this most excellent fabric only $6 a yard.

A closer look

The fabric is a light to medium weight with an excellent drape, not to mention it is a two way stretch fabric that B6054 calls for as well.

Two way stretch?

It means the fabric not only stretches width wise, but length wise as well.

So what did I decide to do with the light Pink/Coral fabric? Why not use it to make one of my favorite wrap dress Butterick 5030:

Here's a closer look:

As you can see I've already started to cut out B5030.

 The nice thing about working with knits is that often times I don't have to make the same adjustments I do with woven fabric such as cotton, linen and the like. The spandex is very forgiving and I tend to like my knit dress with a negative ease.

Negative ease?

An example, your normal size is a 35, the finished garment size is a 34.

In my case simply using my normal size without alterations, and taking advantage of the stretch, does the trick.

Well that's it for now, I will update again when I begin to sew B5030, and hopefully I would have started to cut out  B6054 as well.

Until then, take it one stitch at a time.

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