Thursday, March 19, 2015

Changing of the guard.......

She's here!

I would like to introduce the new addition to my sewing family:

I had been thinking about a new machine for awhile now, especially with many of the new features availible such as:

* Start stop button
* Easy stitch selection
* One step button hole
* Drop bobbin
* Smooth operation

Still I had to consider my finamcial limits and in all honesty could not afford to spend hundreds of dollars. So off to eBay I go!

I saw many nice machines availible from the more prestigious Bernina's and Viking's to the more humble White's. Being that I have had a Janome for some time now I wanted to stay in that same standard.

Ah, my Janome:

She has been my tried and true for the last 6 years,  helping me to make over 30 outfits in that period of time.

Sigh, but after two weeks of looking, I came accross the Juki for a 1/4 of its original retail cost and  couldn't pass up the chance to make an upgrade.

I will not go much into the features of the machine,  that will come in a full review once I sewen a complete dress. However, I wanted to make a formal introduction, and to express my excitemenet!

Until next time, keep it together one stitch at a time.

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