Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Easy Brezzy M7350

This dress is a part of a series of the knits I planed on making this summer. Two down, two more to make.


 I bought this fabric along with several other prints, including the print I used for V8825 .


I am sitting here trying to think of something witty and or informative, I've got nothing. So here is another pic:

My summer parasol 

Uh, no still nothing. Here is another pic:

Don't even have a quip for the pic

OK, this is becoming repetitive, one more pic and I'm done:

Seriously I'm done

As always, one stitch at a time.


  1. A picture is worth a thousand it seems like you have 5,000 words worth here! You look gorgeous in this beautiful dress. I absolutely love the colorful print.

  2. Beautiful fabric, perfect pattern & beautiful photos! A+!

  3. beautiful print! and easy breezy is right! perfect