Thursday, December 3, 2015

Pea Coat Sew-A-Long Anne Klien V1467

At long last I have finished my version:

Inside view:

Off the shoulder:

Up close collar view:

Inside collar view:

I decided to make several design changes to my coat.....

The Fabric:

Sport bottom weight fabric from Joann's

With this weight fabric, the coat becomes a jacket, making it more inline with a Trench or Transition Coat, perfect for Spring/Fall days.

Lined shell:

For extra warmth. I decided to place an extra layer between the fashion fabric and coat lining. I did this by cutting out the back pieces from both the fashion fabric and muslin.

Placing them together, I sewed around the edges with a overlock stitch:

Back piece joined with muslin

Note the finished seams once all of the pieces were sewn together:
lined back pieces

And .....

Finished back view

The Lining:

I choose to make a full lining for my jacket. However, I did not cut out each individual back piece from the lining material, but instead choose to use the entire back to make the coat lining one large piece:

This helped me to avoid having to sew the V in the shell design again :-)

To make sure that the lining gave me plenty of room for comfort, I made sure to add an extra 1|2 inch to the side seams:

Taking the back lining piece, I sewed it together at the shoulder seams to the other lined pieces and fabric facing:

Once I sewed the side seams and added the lining sleeves, I placed the right sides of the fashion fabric shell and lining together sewing around the outer edge, stopping at self made circles were the collar was to be placed:

Final lining 

Next I tackled the collar and shoulder pads:

Can you see my goof?!

This is what happens when you keep going once you are tired, I sewed the shoulder pad in upside down (first pic :-)

Thrift Store Buttons:

After buying fabric, lining, and muslin, my funds were tight, and I didnt have money to spend on new buttons. Instead I went to the thrift store to see what I could find:

New uses....

It just so happen I found a old worn coat for only $5.00, and noticed the buttons would be perfect foe my jacket. Just think, the buttons (I needed 10 in all) came out to just. 50¢ a piece :-)

The Buttonholes!:

This is the part of the coat I was not looking forward too, the button holes. The reason being is it would be the first time using the feature on my new sewing machine. However, much to my delight it does excellent work:

So that's it, I must say that I enjoyed making to coat (jacket). The only draw back I would say are the sleeves, they seem to bind the the arm although I made my normal adjustments. Not quite sure what the causes is perhaps the lower arm pattern piece is 'off' (too short perhaps). Aside from that I would recommended.