Monday, October 23, 2017

The Wedding Gown..........V1534

I said I was not a fan of making things for others, I made an exception.

My new sister-in-law wanted me to alter a jumpsuit for her and my baby brother’s wedding reception. I didn’t particularly like the idea of a bride wearing a cute but simple jumpsuit to her wedding reception. Going to Vogue Patterns website I asked her to pick a dress, she picked:

                                                         Badgley Mischka V1534

Beautiful choice, it shouldn’t take me long to make, two days tops.  It took me 6 weeks, however I think it turned out lovely, don’t you?:

Lets go back though, why did it take 6 weeks?

I was so sick, more then the usual auto-immune issues, this was different.  I was constantly sick on the stomach and didn’t want to eat, I lost 25 pounds in 6 weeks, my muscles pain was awful and I missed 2 weeks worth of work.

I scheduled to work on the dress for 1 hour every Wednesday evening from 8:00p.m. to 9;00p.m. and some Wednesdays due to feeling so bad, it simply didn’t work out.

One day my muscles begin to ach extremely bad, so much so I went to the E.R. who said they found nothing wrong and sent me home.

 Several days later when I was driving, I went to turn a corner and my muscles on my left side seized up on me and I popped a curb, it was fortunate I didn’t hit anything. I called the doc and saw him the very next day.

The next day at my doctors office, he asked me did I know my blood sugar was 400 in the E.R.? I said “No!” He was livid and said “I believe you because they didn’t even put the results in the written report.” He said it could be several reason why it was high that day ( I take steroids) and that he wanted to do more test and sent me home.

 The doctors office called the next day and said once again my fasting  blood sugar was near 400 (375) and told me to come in immediately. Once in the office and in one of the patient rooms I waited, and thought how is this possible, the last time my A1C was checked was in January and it was 5.4, I wasn’t even pre-diabetic. 

Suddenly the door open and my doctor entered, he was trembling , he looked at me and said “you are a diabetic”. “More then that you should be in a coma”. My A1C was a 13, my average sugars were running around 350 fasting over the last 3 months and when I did eat they were  probably going as high as 600 if not more.

I was in the beginning stages of what is called Diabetic Ketoacidosis a very life threating event when the body can’t get the energy from glucose it needs because the pancreas is not producing enough insulin.  As a result the body begins to eat away at it’s own muscles for fuel  (the cause of my extreme muscle pain.)  He immediately placed me on insulin and referred me to see my endocrinologist (I was seeing him due to a brain surgery I had 5 years ago).

 My Endo, was floored, like me he couldn’t believe I went from not even being pre-diabetic to an A1C of 13 in a span of months, usual something like this take years.

Well that was just a week ago, and they believe the diabetes is auto-immune as well, only time and a few more test will we know for sure. I feel a lot better now, I am glad they found out what was wrong and I was able to get the help that I needed.  I am also very glad I was able to make such a beautiful dress:

and to welcome my new sister-in-law