Wednesday, November 4, 2020

The Sewing Bowl Challenge - McCalls 7716 & McCalls 6554

As I mentioned in my last post, I had been working on my entry in the #sewingbolwchallenge on Instagram.  

Well here is my entry!:

Yellow Paisley Franken Jumpsuit!

I had Challenge #2:

The requirements were the pattern be a McCall's, a jumpsuit, and a Franken Pattern. 

I choose:

M7716 and M6554

Would you believe that this was my first time making pants?! 

I thought it would be a good idea to use M7716 as they are not tailored, perhaps it would be more forgiving.  I used M6554 for the top because I have always like the bodice of the dress.  

Other requirements were that it be made out of Linen or Denim, and it be yellow with a little paisley on the side.  

My choice:

Yellow Linen and Brocade Paisley Fabric

Being that the pieces are from two different patterns, I took my time to measure and cut out each:

Before the Big Cut

The Bodice Sewn and Pants Cut Out 

I also thought about the zipper that I wanted to add, I mean a girl needs a way to escape right?

A nice mustard will do just fine.

It's something soothing about sewing it by hand

And Wahla!:

I enjoyed the challenge very much and have already chosen my entry for the month of November.  I will show you my choice of pattern and fabric in the next blog post.  

If you want to join the #sewingblowchallenge check out Salonmishawn on Instagram and follow the hashtag #sewingbowlchallenge

You can also find me on Instagram at serondak

Until next time, keep yourself together one stitch at a time.